Have you or anyone in your family experienced unusual resperatory problems? Eye irritation? Burning skin? Unexplained illnesses? Have you been told these conditions are all in your "head"?  You very likely are being made ill from exposure to air born chemicals and vapors coming from everyday materials inside your home. 
Millions of U.S. homes and businesses have chemical "toxin" problems which are caused by off-gasses from building materials such as drywall, insulation and other common materials which are released into the air inside a structure.  Toxins being defined as Volitile Organic Compounds (VOC's) including formaldehyde, isocyanates, hydrogen sulfide, acids, and many other chemicals, to numerous to mention.  There is a solution to these problems which does not require removing materials, tearing out walls, or hiring an attorney.  CleanSeal has a series of inexpensive and proven protocols which can eliminate the threat of exposure to these dangerous VOC's permenantly.
Our firm has had great success in eliminating these threats and the resulting health conditions by treating the most likely contaminated materials with our totally Green "D-Tox" product which is applied to the surface of exposed suspect materials. We then follow this step by applying a treatment our Anti-Microbial, "Combo", into your HVAC system to neutralize the vapors that have settled in your ductwork (the delivery system for all air in your home). Finally, we install a small, but very effective, device known as our Mini Bi-Polar Ionization Unit into your HVAC which circulates millions of cleansing and toxin killing "negative ions" throughout your home...including penetrating into all corners of a structure and even behind the walls which normally could only be treated by tearing out drywall.
One recent CleanSeal customer posted the following comment on the Center for Desease Control (CDC) Blog page:
My wife and I have been experiencing severe respiratory problems and skin irritations after I had spray foam insulation installed in my NC home last year. Out of desperation and after doing some research I hired a company to come and treat my house to handle this toxic odor which began right after the insulation was foamed in. 
The company sprayed a white chemical coating called Clean Seal "DTOX" on the foam insulation and then installed a very small air purifying machine in my heat-air conditioning ductwork  which runs constantanly.  Not sure what the little thing is they put in the ductwork but I can tell you the results are unbelievable! One day there's a strong paint "odor" and in less than 24 hours after the company finished treating the house the odor is gone, my eyes don't sting and my wife and had the first good night's sleep in 6 months. 
After reading about other people having problems with similar types of foam insulation I can tell you that this treatment I had done got rid of the problem and we are very very pleased with the results. They even gave me a warranty!  I recommend this procedure to everyone having the same problems with insulation.
Charles M.
If you think you may be experiencing health problems due to exposure form materials in your home containing any harmful VOC' us and we will be happy to arrange an inspection and air qulity testing from an independent lab to confirm the sources.  Most importantly, if there are VOC's in your home or business, we can remedy the problems fast, efficiently, inexpensively, and permenantly.  We'll even give you a written Warranty against the return of these toxic "intruders".
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