“Our firm, Salem Environmental, has been involved in microbial remediation, as well as water, fire, and toxic clean-up in the commercial and residential market in Charlotte, NC for more than 20 years.”

“Commencing in 2007, we have used Cleanseal on numerous and varying projects involving extensive water damage and where heavy fungal growth and odor were found, and in environments where moisture levels ranged from 18-40%. As part of our own internal remediation protocol we treat walls, raw wood, HVAC components, joists and sub-flooring with Cleanseal whenever possible.”

“Additionally, we have been retained to address a specific remediation project for a very large property management concern wherein bacteria and microbial growth on exposed vinyl flooring has become almost epidemic in scale. We have used Cleanseal to address this problem with great success.”

“In post-treatment swab samples collected following application of Cleanseal, independent analysis by AIHA/EMLAP certified laboratories have found no live fungal growth on any samples submitted.”

“We are both impressed and very satisfied with the product and especially the results.”

Harvey Danner, President

Salem Environmental, Inc.
Charlotte, NC


“After a fire, in the restoration business, we know that we can replace charred wood, ruined drywall and wet smelly carpet, but very few times are we allowed to bulldoze down the building and start from scratch. Instead we are left with the difficult task of removing the smoke residue and thoroughly cleaning and sealing the structure to try and eliminate odors. We all know how odor affects the home or business owner and can remain with them psychologically.”

“At All Green Environmental Solutions we now have a great product to eliminate odor. We use Cleanseal which is a “green” product that is a healthy alternative to introduce into someone’s home or business. We apply Cleanseal to the structure and it acts to neutralize remnant odors permanently and is backed by a lifetime warranty.”

“Recently, a restoration contractor provided emergency services involving a distribution warehouse. A light fixture caught fire and there was a great deal of smoke and water damage but very little structural damage. You can imagine the odor problems. Our firm was called in to apply Cleanseal to neutralize the odor in the building. Which it did very effectively and to the satisfaction of the customer. An added benefit in using Cleanseal was that we were able to apply the product without business stoppage because Cleanseal is safe to use around people. The insurer and the business owner were pleased to get the job done, but particularly while maintaining business as usual.”

John Summers, President

All Green Solutions, Inc. & CCS (a DKI Affiliate)

Nashville, TN


“Concept Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is a construction and environmental solutions company based in Charleston, SC for more than 10 years servicing not only our immediate area, but many markets nationwide. CTI performs a variety of environmental health related services and offers product bundles that provide solutions with an emphasis on environmental infection control in healthcare all across the country. We service customers in the commercial, governmental as well as residential market sectors. In the performance of our specialized services, we are constantly evaluating new technologies in an effort to bring true and lasting value and technical efficacy.”

“We were introduced to Cleanseal early in 2007 and as usual I was skeptical of the claims made by the manufacturer. After performing trials on actual projects as well as extensive in-house tests, we became aware of the fact that not only was Cleanseal a superior product to the variety of other chemistries we had been using; it crossed traditional use boundaries. We have found that Cleanseal can eliminate many costly and draconian remediation procedures and save building owner’s thousands of dollars. Additionally, we have found use for Cleanseal in areas with extreme technical need such as hospitals. Heretofore, we have been unable to use our traditional remediation chemicals in healthcare due to the inherent toxicity. With Cleanseal, we are able to provide protection for the building structures when and where we need to because it poses no health concerns by virtue of its chemistry. “

“We have also used Cleanseal successfully on many commercial and residential mold remediation projects as well as biohazard clean-ups and odor abatement jobs. When Cleanseal is applied to materials affected by odor causing agents, our experience is the odor problem is completely abated.”

“Other areas where Cleanseal is proving a superior benefit is in the protection of new construction. When we are involved in new construction or renovation in healthcare, we are interested in any science that will retard or reduce the chances of fungal or bacterial reservoirs from propagating inside the building envelope. We can now offer a long term biohazard protection without adding health concerns meaning we and the building owner win. When we can potentially protect interstitial as well as finish building surfaces from harboring human pathogens, we have done something that no one has been able to effectively accomplish before. Cleanseal is that technology.”

J. Mark Ivey, CIE, ASCS

President, CEO
ConceptsTechnologies, Inc. (a BMS CAT Affiliate)
Charleston, SC

"Steamatic Australia now operates seventeen locations (two company owned and 15 franchisees) and we have grown our network by offering superior service and innovative solutions to our customers needs."

"Being a long way away from the large USA cleaning and restoration industry we have learnt to adapt and investigate technologies to improve our general market and then in turn gain our market share. Joining Steamatic some 25 years ago was obviously our greatest advancement but we continue to review, trail, and then when satisfied adopt new technologies. One such technology that we have taken on into our group is CleanSeal."

"We have been using CleanSeal for some 12 months now and have found it to be a tremendous advantage to our group. We are now armed with products that fit our customers new demographic (being Green is being Clean).Our market demands results but at the same time demands that the products we use are green. Past experiences with ‘green products’ have failed dismally. Whilst the customers may well like the green marketing approach the reality is that many just don’t perform...CleanSeal is different!"

"We have been fully satisfied with the CleanSeal range of products and have not had a single failure in any application in the twelve months of use."

"CleanSeal has opened up new markets to Steamatic Australia beyond our traditional insurance and domestic cleaning markets. We now are armed with new products that have removed or limited ‘old’ practices that were labor intensive and therefore costly and uncompetitive.  Today we  can offer our customers choice. Fully source removal of contaminate or where budgets resist bulk removal and CleanSeal."

Where do we offer these alternatives :

HVAC decontamination services


Mould remediation services (insurers have never really covered mould in Australia to the extent that the USA did, hence a need for a cost affective solution).


Nursing homes, hospitals , and general medical facilities.


Food manufacturing facilities – assisting with mould and microbial issues in their manufacturing areas.


General asthmatic sufferer’s homes and offices.

"If you have an odor or health issue to address its most likely that CleanSeal has the answer."

"How does it work? No idea! But it works."

"Our hardest task is to sell the concept that something that is green can offer such results. We therefore offer a non solution no payment option to our customers and we haven’t been out of pocket yet."

"If you haven’t tried CleanSeal…why not? Its simple to use and backed by a tremendous warranty."

Oliver Threlfall

CEO Steamatic Australia

P.S.- I am often a skeptic by nature but when something works I am also the first to tell others. CleanSeal works! Its that simple.


"CleanSeal has developed a thorough new plan for immediately stabilizing structural environments coupled with a streaming air quality treatment and continuous maintenance solution which rids environments of toxic growth, noxious odors, and will save untold billions in unnecessary repair and construction costs for consumers with toxic drywall, “sick home syndrome”, consumers, lenders and Realtors who have serious problems with foreclosed homes sitting idle without power or active ventilation.”


“In almost all cases there will no longer be a need to unnecessarily remove structurally sound drywall, flooring, HVAC systems, and other materials to reveal mold and microbial growth (that exists in nearly every structure anyway) for remediation.”

“The CleanSeal solution will effectively neutralize and eliminate all toxic microbe impact while leaving the structure in tact…In short, this is a total "game changer" ito long held standards and previously and current methodology, approach, and protocol to remedying microbial infestation for consumers and businesses alike”.


United States Indoor Air Quality Group
Customer Comment on CDC Blog
"My wife and I have been experiencing severe respiratory problems and skin irritations after I had spray foam insulation installed in my NC home last year. Out of desperation and after doing some research I hired a company to come and treat my house to handle this toxic odor which began right after the insulation was foamed in." 
"The company sprayed a white chemical coating called Clean Seal "DTOX" on the foam insulation and then installed a very small air purifying machine in my heat-air conditioning ductwork  which runs constantanly (CleanSeal 2400 Bi-Polar Ionizer).  Not sure what the little thing is they put in the ductwork but I can tell you the results are unbelievable! One day there's a strong paint "odor" and in less than 24 hours after the company finished treating the house the odor is gone, my eyes don't sting and my wife and had the first good night's sleep in 6 months. "
"After reading about other people having problems with similar types of foam insulation I can tell you that this treatment I had done got rid of the problem and we are very very pleased with the results. They even gave me a warranty!  I recommend this procedure to everyone having the same problems with insulation."
Charles M.
July 9, 2012