The “Green for Green” Line of Credit Program

AES and CleanSeal are making available the opportunity for Contractors and Consumers alike to secure an individual UNSECURED, SIGNATURE ONLY, LINE OF CREDIT for Contractors to expand their business into the fields of “Green” remediation, restoration, and construction and for Consumers to have low cost access to funds availability to repair, restore, or improve their home or business.


“Green for Green” is a national financing program being endorsed by our firm to provide a credit line of as much as $20,000.00 for qualifying individuals and businesses which can be used for a variety of purposes in conjunction with “green” related initiatives including:


For Contractors, funds can be secured for:

*Start-Up Working Capital

*Purchasing “Green” Treatment Products

*Product/Application Training & Warranty Certification

*Equipment Purchases

*Receivables/Operating Capital 


 For Consumers, funds can be secured for:

*Home or Business Toxic Repairs or Remediation

*Disaster Relief (Flood, Fire, Natural Disaster Repair)

*Home Improvements

*Energy Savings Implementations and Improvements

*Insurance Reimbursement Delays


This is a program only available through our firm undertaken to assist those persons, families, and businesses in need of capital in order to improve their business or their lives.


If you have interest in participating, please call 678-348-7242 anytime, or email us at  and type the word “Credit Application”. All details and documents will be forwarded to you with instructions. Approvals generally take less than 24 hours from submission of completed stream-lined documentation.


24 Hour Information 

Call 678-348-7242

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